Sevenoaks Literary Festival

Each year we assist in content updates for the Sevenoaks Literary Festival, but in 2020 their requirements changed quite dramatically. A community non-profit event needed to switch a 2 weeks physical festival online, whilst retaining customers more used to finding a beautifully adorned room in a local venue than connecting into a zoom webinar.

We took the opportunity to update the colour scheme and branding for the festival, seeing as all eyes would be on the website this year. We then worked through the list of usual offline processes and found digital ways of replacing them. The organising committee pulled out all the stops and had some bespoke video introductions created, we helped with post & broadcast production over a 2 week period to deliver the festival to everyone locked down at home.

2021 will be as in-person as possible, but we’ll be here should everything need to move online again with little notice.

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